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You killed me

Autor: Nina Linderová

You killed me. But don’t worry I wanted it. I can’t remember you. Sometimes I must hate you. Sometimes I must be strong; I can’t fall in love again. And I’m successful. But I feel empty. My love is away. It died. You died, and I? I want be happy, satisfied and undisturbed. But I can’t do it. You’re still here, in my school, in my class, in my head. I spend time with you. But no voluntary! One day I’ll be in peace. One day I forget. Maybe. But maybe not. And I’m scary. The void in me gobbles up me. My minds are dangerous. My old love is not here. And I’m scared of life without it. My spirit is destroyed. My heart is scorched. I want disguise from the world. I want be alone. I’ll build new things which were broken. And then I’ll be ready to go out. But now I need a pause, a break. And I need to be without you. Because only you still hurt me. And I can’t see your happy face and a fact you don’t need me to be lucky. And your words sound in my head again and again:

,, I don’t want to destroy you but… I think I want her.” It was so cruel. No only this words… you told me lies, I forgave you. And if you told me sometimes truth, it was said without mercy. And I cried. I had to cry. It was bitter tears. But fortunately I wept up all bad memories and my love. You returned me my heart. Well at last! However, I didn’t await it in this position. But it happened. Now you have an affair and I’m sad. But I don’t know why, I don’t love you! Sometimes my heart tells me, you need him. But I can’t. You aggrieved me many times. And I was still with you, still with your wickedly soul. And you used me evenly like another people. I was naive when I trust you.  I’m stupid but I advised, I hope. I can hate you. You earn it. But I’m not like you. I want live my life without enmity. So I must foil rests of my feelings and enjoy my life again. But my past love. I don’t need you!!!

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