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Príbeh, ktorý vás dostane



Poviedky a úvahy

What can be

Autor: Nina Linderová

My feelings weren’t important. My heart was not alive. My brain was coming. And it attacked all of me. My brittle and never dying illusion was breaking on thousands scraps of nothingness.


He came. I hated his existence. I hated his cursed soul and in this while I hated all of him. I didn’t want to be in the same room but he came.

Ardil, he said and I gave him a sharp look, I… can I…   

No, you cannot.

I want to you to know…

I don’t want to know anything.

            He caught my hand but I drew away. I felt his fear from this situation. I didn’t have any feelings but they were deeply, deeply in me. I didn’t mean to do it, but I did, I looked to his eyes. I couldn’t spot what he would say. Once it was different.

Tell me only one thing, said I.

Yes? In his eyes something livens up.


I noticed he fought with himself. In my eyes still wasn’t any sense. When he didn’t say anything a long while, I repeated my question:


I cannot.

            I stood up and went out. He immediately followed me and averted my leaving. I tried to pluck out of his hands but he caught me strongly.

Let me go!

No, please, you cannot leave me… like a friend.

What?! Did you hear what you said?

            He was silent. It was cloudy and I felt the rain in the air. But I felt anything else too… worse things. I began feel my feelings.

Let me go, I repeated.

I cannot.

And what can you?! I get spear.

He drew me closer and I tried to fight with him, but I couldn’t.

Forgive me.

            Then he kissed me, he gave me a long kiss and I couldn’t do anything. He looked to my eyes and told me again:

Forgive me.

            It was starting rain heavily. My neck holds on crying.

I cannot.

            Although my heart was telling me anything else, I finally broke free from his hug and run away.


            And if I stood longer, I will see a tear which ought to be dissembled; because he never cries. And he never cries because of a girl.

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