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Jars of clay: Cursed tears

Autor: Nina Linderová

Jars of clay


Cursed tears


Long gone are the days when there lived a girl. She was seventeen years old and if you liked to ask, what her dearth was, you wouldn‘t get any answer. Her beauty was renowned, she was from a decent family, had a lot of friends and she was about to get married. Her boyfriend loved her so much and their fortune was too lovely...

One day before their wedding day, a groom got lost in a forest. Nobody knew what he had been doing there, he vanished into thin air. Every man from a village was finding him for a long time but when a month passed, the girl was the only one who haunted to the forest to find him. Few people could realize how she felt and what she was thinking about; fear, oppression, sadness or infirmity, hurt, tears and sorrow. She couldn’t clearly think and it seemed like she was lost with him. Her friends couldn’t help her. Nothing came to change for six months.

However, there was something about what nobody knew. There was the only thing which remained her after him; two jars of clay of which they drank tea in winters. She intercepted all tear which she wept out and when the jar was finally full, half-year passed.

Then her betrothed returned- but not alone.

He was traveling with a group of street entertainers and one day it was the same like before. She didn’t ask him and he was silent about it too. When she woke up in the morning, he was away, but in the second jar there was a paper written by him:

,,I fail to love you because I love you overmuch and I don’t want to hurt you by my love.”

She needed to hear it to know it was the end. And she never cried again. After three months she found out that she was pregnant. When people asked her who is the dad and she remembered his name, they thought she was going crazy- no one saw him except her.

The last thing which she did, was, that she dug his jar in and hid the second jar on a secret place. Later she gave birth to a daughter, but she mysteriously disappeared when she was only one day old.

When a year passed, a man appeared. After a few months she married him and they had three children and lived like ordinary family. Nevertheless, every year, when the street entertainers came to the village, she sneaked away on her secret place and put flowers on a spot where she buried the jar, where was HIS grave.


Story goes that the second jar is still here and the tears in it are curse; everyone who touches them will spend the same misfortune like a girl who wept them out.

But there are still a few questions; what happened with her daughter? And how could she be pregnant, when anyone didn’t see him? Was it someone really similar to him? But why should someone kidnap her child?   

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