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Friendship never ends

Autor: Nina Linderová

Friendship never ends


It’s all about the feelings.

You didn’t love and just wanted to

Fall in love with someone who didn’t care.


Then you met a new boy. He was so

Incredible… and cute? You scared.

And you thought, it’s only your good friend

And you’ll be happy when she, your friend, will get to know


The girl which has a fickle heart, maybe is beautiful, attractive

But most especially has vim.


You were lucky and enthusiastic but then you find out

You’re not alright.

In all things they were doing together

Was a shade of something perilous and you might…


Were trying to satisfy yourself, you’re going

Crazy when you’re possessive.

After this feeling just came a love,

Intensive, huge and aggressive


You were just watching them, she like him

Everyday much better than before

And when he told to someone she’s

Beautiful, you know, she scored.


But it’s me. She is me and I’m your best friend,

This you know.

I like him, maybe love him, but if you

Be dejected I’ll go…



And I know, you’ll tell me that I can do anything what I want

And you won’t be irked on me.

But don’t forget:

Love is just a passion and friendship will be remaining

Further when we’ll stay free.

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